The Hospital has a169 beds in total. It comprises 5 Wards; The Surgical, Pediatric, Medical, Platinum and Obstetrics/Gynecology Wards


The General Hospital wards (Medical, Surgical, and Pediatrics) have an average bed capacity of 20 beds each. The wards are manned by Specialist as well as General Doctors together with a dedicated team of Nurses. The ward environment is spacious and meticulously clean. Each ward is fitted with a flush toilet and bathroom.


This unit was set up with the intention of offering our corporate clients the much deserved comfort and privacy in a highly restricted and quiet environment. The unit has self contained fully furnished executive rooms as well as curtain-partitioned semi-private rooms touched up to guarantee our esteemed clients and their families a home-like environment.


Headed by a consultant Gynecologist, our 56 bed capacity maternity is equipped with a state-of-the-art labor suite and delivery rooms in a clean and private environment. Our 10 delivery room labor-suite is fully partitioned to offer complete privacy to our clients when in labor, and is fully furnished with state-of-the art delivery beds and fetal monitoring devises. Well trained and highly professional midwives attend to the mothers, as well as a Doctor on stand-by in case of any emergency. At Nyakibale, we endeavor to make the delivery experience asafe, comfortable and happy one for every mother. For our corporate clientele, we have also set up fully furnished and self-contained private rooms as well as a semi-private curtain-partitioned facility to ensure a private and quiet environm.

Karoli Lwanga Hospital Nyakibale