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OPERATING THEATRES The Hospital has 2 operating theatres: The main operating theatre and the Labor suite theatre. Our newly refurbished Main Operating theatres have 3 operating rooms (2 major, 1 minor). The facilities are spacious and air conditioned, fitted with state-of-the art anesthetic, surgical and monitoring equipment. A team of highly trained theatre Nurses, Anesthetists, a General Surgeon and a Gynecologist ensures a very wide range of major surgeries to be conducted safely and with great finesse. An operating theater in the maternity wing is fully dedicated to offering prompt operations (mostly caesarian section) in case of complicated deliveries and other obstetric emergencies. The theater is fully staffed and equipped, always on stand-by .

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THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT (ED) All emergencies are attended to by a team of highly trained and skilled Emergency Care Practitioners headed by an Emergency Physician. The ED is open for 18 hours a day, and furnished, equipped and staffed to be able to take care of up to 10 emergencies at ago. Being a highway Hospital, we have gained plenty of capacity and experience in managing road traffic trauma, even mass casualty situations. In the ED, we don?t stop at emergency care; we follow up our clients at home after discharge to ensure the best outcomes.


This is a 5 bed capacity unit dedicated to the care of premature babies and those born with complications. It is fitted with incubators and other monitoring devises, as is run by a Doctor with ateam of specially trained nurses.


PHS is a corporate service at Nyakibale Hospital that aims at providing high quality, efficient and expedited health care to our esteemed clients. In the out-patient, a special PHS clinic is set up with high-end furnishing, equipment as well as a very attractive ambience and reception area to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for our clients. With a Doctor always available, we ensure that our clients are seen as soon as they come in. Areceptionist takes care of each patient personally so that all their payments, laboratory and pharmacy services are expedited (with immunity from queues). For the inpatient services, each of our PHS clients is admitted under their personal Doctor who takes special care of them through discharge and follow-up. The admission facilities are fully private and self-contained, with very decent furnishing.


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