We have a fully fledged laboratory, fitted with state-of-the art equipment to enable completion of most investigations. The Lab is run by competent team of 1 Laboratory Technologist, 2 laboratory technicians and 4 assistants which ensures timely delivery of results. We perform Complete Blood Counts, Chemistry (Liver & Renal Function Tests), Hormone profiles (PSA, TSH, etc), CD4 Cell counts on top of the other Regular Laboratory investigations. All investigations are conducted in-house, providing timely support to all the various hospital activities

Platinum Healthcare Service (PHS)

PHS is a corporate service at Nyakibale Hospital that aims at providing high quality, efficient and expedited health care to our esteemed clients. In the out-patient, a special PHS clinic is set up with high-end furnishing, equipment as well as a very attractive ambience and reception area to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for our clients. With a Doctor always available, we ensure that our clients are seen as soon as they come in. A receptionist takes care of each patient personally so that all their payments, laboratory and pharmacy services are expedited (with immunity from queues). For the inpatient services, each of our PHS clients is admitted under their personal Doctor who takes special care of them through discharge and follow-up. The admission facilities are fully private and self-contained, with very decent furnishing.


Our radiology suite is equipped with an Ultra-Sound machine as well as an X-ray machine, providing specialized radiology services including contrasted studies. Run by 2 experienced radiographers, the department opens 12 hours a day, and any time of the night in case of emergencies.


Our pharmacy is fully stocked with drugs from a wide range of reputable pharmaceuticals. Our highly experienced pharmacy technicians ensure that drugs are available and are of good quality all the time.


A total of 4 consultation rooms run by both Doctors and Paramedics ensure minimal waiting times for our clients. Also, a team of dedicated reception nurses ensure efficient triage as well as smooth patient flow all the time. The outpatient clinics run full-day from Monday to Friday (8.30am-5pm) and half day on Saturday (9am-2pm). The clinics don?t open on Sunday.

Special clinics include

1.A Gynecology Clinic run by a Specialist Gynecologist every Wednesday
2.A Chronic Diseases Clinic (Diabetes & Hypertension) runs every Thursday
3.A Surgical clinic, run by a Specialist surgeon every Friday.
4.HIV/AIDS care clinic run every Thursday
5.Antenatal & Postnatal clinics run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
6.A Dental clinic runs daily

Karoli Lwanga Hospital Nyakibale